Watercolor: Learn Basic Techniques

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Hello and welcome.. I am so excited to be able to share what I have learned and experience on my artistic journey with you! Today we are starting from the beginning with watercolor basics. My goal with this class is to reach those who are at a beginner level and help minimize some of the fears of trying a new material!

In this class I cover some basic techniques that will help you get started with watercolors. You will learn simple ways of creating shadows and highlight, adding textures and my tips on how to gain brush control so that you can make more precise lines.

In this class you will learn about:

  • Supplies (even down to brand name) that will help you be successful and what to look for when you go to an art store.
  • Different ways you can use one brush to make a variety of lines.
  • Watercolor techniques that will help bring your first painting to life such as: wash techniques, dry brush, masking fluid, tape techniques, lifting, and layering.

Lets dive in to the world of watercolor!


Positions for holding your brush

Pressure on your brush

Flicking – tip and side of brush

Rolling your brush


Watercolor paper:   300gsm

Watercolor brushes:  Round

Tissue Paper

White Gel Pen

Paper Tape


I am creating a series of  beginner mini classes to help you learn to paint with watercolor.  The skills I teach in these classes helped to put me on the fast-track to creating vibrant, loose, beautiful watercolor paintings like a pro!  And I believe they can do the same for you!

We will be painting small loose paintings that will definitely inspire you to create every day. It wont take much of your time as you can definitely finish the paintings in few minutes. I will be sharing step by step tutorials from simple sketch to painting process that are recorded in real time and a daily encouragement to help you keep going.


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