Learn Realistic Portrait Techniques

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In this 6 hour portrait drawing course I will teach you step by step how to draw a portrait with a pencil on a paper with very economical and minimum drawing tools.

This drawing course is for beginners.

Most people think that drawing a human portrait is extremely difficult. Actually, it’s just a myth. If there is desire in you, you will learn this stuff. Believe it or not, art is not the privilege of the few, it is more like a set of skills that you can learn.

What drawing tools you need

If you have just a charcoal pencil and drawing papers, kneadable eraser, mono eraser, tissue paper, makeup brush that’s perfectly enough to begin this course.


This beginner drawing course consists of four main sections.

I like to build up my students’ drawing skills systematically, so we will start off with the basic Portrait Outline with the help of grid method, and gradually moving forward.

It’s very common for drawing tutorials to treat light as an addition to the picture, an atmosphere-maker. We can easily get the impression that the object has a universal form, and then with proper lighting we can change the mood of the picture. The truth is without light there would be nothing to paint! Until you realize that, you’re shooting blind.

In the first tutorial of this short series, I’ll introduce you to the art of seeing light, shadows, reflections and edges.

You will learn

how an object surface behaves in light

how shadows are created

and how to illustrate them on your drawings to create a convincing 3D look

You can also make some shading exercises to prepare yourself for drawing faces from real life.

You will have the opportunity to draw each facial features one by one in all kinds of viewing angles.


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