Old Man Portrait Competition #4 (Click Here to enter in Competition)

“Sketchbook by Abhishek” encourages artists to join together and support other artists through different platforms and other activities. We intend to support artists around the globe by organizing “Drawing Competition”.

“Sketchbook by Abhishek” aims at the betterment and well-being of society by supporting them with various social activities.

Our objective is to bring cultural and social harmony through different art-related activities & support the artist in need.Now we are with 4th edition of Drawing Competition for artists.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Start Date: 10th January 2022 
  2. End Date: 30th Jan 2022
  3. Result Date: 6th Feb 2022
  4. Entry Fee: Free Entry (Only for Subscribers)
  5. Medium: Graphite or Charcoal Pencil
  6. Art Materials (Click Here)
  7. Submission (Click Here) Instagram
  8. testsketchbookbyabhishek@gmail.com (Submit Here)
  9. Follow Page (Click Here)
  10. Join Artists Group (Click Here)
  11. Abhishek Vlogs (My Vlog Channel) Click Here
  12. Whatsapp: 7304842927
  13. Courses Enquiry: 7304842927

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