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About Art

“First Step towards ART… Love Art… Live Art”.

Sketchbook by Abhishek

 is a platform for all art lovers/ learners be it an amateur, beginners or experts.

On this teaching platform maximum emphasis is given towards learning of basics and essentials of art materials which we use in different forms of art. We believe basics are the foundation of any field including art.

Simple and Easy techniques are introduced through step by step sessions and soon after learning these
techniques anyone can be an artist.
We believe that the foundation of art must not be compromised in the race of learning professional and realistic art work. Hence, at “Sketchbook by Abhishek” we put utmost effort to build the foundation as strong it can be. This platform will help learner’s/ beginner’s transformation into a professional artist by using their unique skills and techniques as we strongly believe that each artist has a unique style and we help to convert that uniqueness
into different forms of art.

Community of Artists

Explore new ways to live life artistically.

We are here to discuss anything about art
whenever you approach us. Joint discussion
of art always gives birth of new artists.
Every weekend will be opened for all learners
to share their artwork with our professionals.

Creative Learning

We have created unique style of making art and craft. Explore fantastic output with the help of waste materials. Easiest and simplest way to draw anything.

Structured Process

One of the most refined methods of teaching is introduced. You will be guided by Professional and renowned artists. They will teach you the most innovative way of art and craft.

Frequent Analysis

We conduct frequent analysis of your work and you will be guided for improvement to reach the next level. We will always be there to help you out.

Explore an Artist in You

Professional learning , Simple way

No Age Bar Come and Learn